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Wedding Tips

So you have been asked

to prepare a toast.
Here are a few things to keep in mind

Wedding Tip #1

  • Try to enjoy your engagement as much as possible. Planning a wedding is one of your first endeavors as partners.


Wedding Tip #2

  •  When trying on a wedding dresses, make sure you are able to sit comfortably and are able to dance in it.


Wedding Tip #3

  • Host a wine tasting party with your friends to hand pick your reception dinner wines. Once you have chosen the wines, consider personalizing the bottles with custom created wedding line labels.


Wedding Tip #4

  • For a good hair day, schedule your trial run with your hair stylist for the day of your bridal shower.


Wedding Tip #5

  • Buy a second pair of bridal shoes, such as ballet flats, and bring those to the reception for dancing.


Wedding Tip #6

  • Have your parents or the groom greet guests arriving at your ceremony  site. It's a hospitable gesture that sets the right tone.


Wedding Tip #7

  •  Ask the Mother of the groom to offer tissues to guests before the ceremony.


Wedding Tip #8

  • Have a drink station of lemonade, ice tea, and water at the ceremony for your guests. It will give them time to unwind before being seated.


Wedding Tip #9

  • For an exit that won't soon be forgotten: Follow a charming country tradition and have guests form two parallel lines and make an arch with their arms. Run through the arch for a great photo op.


Wedding Tip #10

  • Scuff the soles of your bridal shoes (sandpaper works well) to prevent you from slipping on the driveway, aisle, or stairs.


Wedding Tip #11

  • Request a private showing of your reception room before guests are invited in. You'll have a few moments of quiet time while you get a sneak preview of your cake, centerpieces, and table settings.


Wedding Tip #12

  • Practice dancing in your dress after the ceremony and before the first dance.


Wedding Tip #13

  • Use wishing stones. Set a bowl full of stones on the table as guests sign in and pick up their place card. Have them take a stone and make a wish for you before placing it in a second bowl. Let them know you will be adding the wishing stones to a home garden.


Wedding Tip #14

  • Instead of using numbers for table assignments, chose words such as the "love" table, the "honor" table, or the "cherish" table.


Wedding Tip #15

  • If you are expecting children to attend your reception, set aside a special table for them complete with balloons, crayons, puzzles, and activities.


Wedding Tip #16

  • If you are marrying into a family that speaks a language other than English fluently, learn how to say "welcome" in that language and greet them at your reception.


Wedding Tip #17

  • Start off your reception with your first dance. This breaks the ice right away and creates a more relaxed atmosphere.


Wedding Tip # 18

  • A 2 sided buffet lets guests serve themselves more efficiently, avoiding a long wait in line.


Wedding Tip #19

  • Practice cutting the cake. Traditionally, the serving knife is in the groom's right hand over the bride's right hand. Slice the cake and feed each other. The groom feeds the bride the first bite.


Wedding Tip #20

  • Keep the kids at your reception occupied when they're finished with dinner. A craft area or contest works well.


Wedding Tip #21

  • Want an alternative way to give away your bouquet? Have an Anniversary Elimination Dance and present it to the longest married couple.


Wedding Tip #22

  • You can figure that approximately twelve to fifteen songs can be played per hour. Requesting more will mean that some songs will be missed, possibly the ones you really want to hear.


Wedding Tip #23

  • If your family and friends ask you how they can help, urge them to dance at your wedding.


Wedding Tip #24

  • Have guests take Polaroids during the reception so that you can take some wedding pictures on your honeymoon.


Wedding Tip #25

  • If you are having a lot of children at your reception, pluck a single flower from your bouquet and have a special "bouquet toss" just for them


Bonus Tip 

  • Plan a brunch for the day after your wedding. This will give you a chance to unwind and relax and reflect on what a great time you had.


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